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Our small, but loyal group of retail flippers have been seeing 200-300% returns on the products they’ve gotten from us and have even offered to pay us to ensure they keep receiving our deals.

With 5+ years experience selling online, Retail Flippers has established direct connections with the biggest distributors and closeout auctions in the U.S.

  • This allows us to offer you THE BEST prices across many product categories.
  • For every deal we send your way, we provide all of the research including pricing, profit margins, and product and brand history, so you can quickly gauge if it’s a product perfect for your inventory.
  • Most of our products return a profit percentage of at least 50%.

For example: you buy an electronic product for $25 from us that sells for $55 on Amazon. After Amazon Fees, you earn $45 = so $20 profit ($20/$25 which equals 80% profit)…or simply, spend $25 and get back $45!

Our secure payment and shipping solution expedites the process so your new inventory is available for sale as quickly as possible…and ready to reap huge profits!


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